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A Few Poems From My Family

Today I was at my children's elementary school. There was a small assembly to cap off Natinal Poetry Month. After hearing a few poems from some talented college students, the libraran challenged the students to write a poem about the first thing they saw when they walked in the door at home.  I told my son that both my husband and I would write one too.  I even managed to get my 16 year old son to rattle off something that could be considered a poem.  I'm sharing these poems with you.

      Shoes by NM Facile 

A pile of shoes on the floor

 once again blocking the door.

I kick them aside

then speak my mind:

"Come pick up your shoes."

It should come as no surprise

I get four different replies.

"I'm busy. Can't now, gotta go.

When I'm done. At commercial."

I shake my head, this is not a battle I choose.

Later that night I spot them again.

In the same spot they've always been.

I mumble and sigh

at least in the morning they'll be easy to find.



      To The Metal Santa Sitting On My Stairs     By Michael (my husband)

A metal Santa used to grace our door

It sat upon a nail, greeting guests

We set it down when spring came in again

And winter didn’t fit with the decor


But Santa couldn’t put himself away

He sat, and stared straight up into the room

He might have wondered, “why does no one come

and put me on basement shelf some day?”


We do know how to clean, and really are

aware of just how strange this Santa looks

We know that people stopping by might say,

“Santa on their steps in May? Bizarre.”


We’re proud of how our family works, and yearn

to keep our house clean, putting things in place

But when we get behind and can’t keep up

Then Santa will just have to wait his turn.



          Untitled     by Dylan age 16

When I came in 

 I saw the stairs

I walked up the stairs

and said hello


        Winter the Kitten     by Bayliss age 11

I have a kitten named winter

 he loves to eat

when he is done eating

all he does is sleep

sometimes he wakes up though

and wants to go outside

all he does when he goes out

is attack all things that fly

occasionally he will play with his friends

but they're only friends to him

he jumps and strikes and pounces

until I put him out instead of in

Winter is an amazing cat

I love him so so much

even though he eats a lot

and is annoying just a touch


     Empty Bag     by Serie age 9

Empty bags hold anything

 from little dolls to balls of string.

from bottles of glue

to things that are blue.

Like ponytails to put in your hair,

but it could never fit a chair.

It could fit lots of things you see,

but it couldn't fit me.

Empty bags hold anything.



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