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A Song By My Favorite Band


Whisper by Morphine

I could listen to Morphine all day every day.  Mark Sandman's voice is just the right combination of smooth and seductive.  A little bluesy, a little jazzy, a touch of rock, with soulful lyrics makes the band unique.  Made up of Sandman on vocals and two sting slide bass, Dana Colley on saxophones, and Jerome Dupree on drums, it's a combination you wont find in other bands and they are masters at creating a sound that, at times can fill a room or be as soft and intimate as a whisper.  The lyrics are complex, witty and definitely stay with you.  

I chose Whisper because I have Ty singing it in Cure For Pain.  The song has the allure of the enigmatic cool guy you're drawn to who at times seems like he's into you but you're never really sure and it drives you crazy.  You find yourself obsessing a little too much over every look and word he gives trying to figure him out.  Which is exactly why I had Ty singing it to Mary in Cure For Pain.  



day 13 in 365 days of music challenge

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