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A Song From My Favorite Movie

Storybook Love by Mark Knopfler

from Princess Bride

When asked what my favorite movie is, I usually answer Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.  I really do love that movie and the love story in it, but when it comes down to it if I were given the choice between watching Crouching Tiger or Princess Bride, I would always choose Princess Bride.  How does a romance author not choose Princess Bride for their favorite movie?  It's the ultimate romance story. That being said, Storybook Love is the ultimate romance story song.  

Mark Knopfler is a brilliant composer and the music from Princess Bride adds the right feel for every scene throughout the movie.  Even more amazing, in my opinion, is that the entire score is only preformed by Knopfler and Guy Fletcher. While the whole soundtrack is great, Storybook Love just brings it all together.  I get all warm and fuzzy when I hear the line "My love is like a storybook story, but it's as real as the feelings I feel." 

Now I have to go re-watch the Princess Bride.  

Day 30 in 365 days of music challenge



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