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A Song That Reminds Me of My Childhood

Our House by Madness

Growing up our house was in the middle of the street (it was the only house on the street) and it was almost always crowded.  It was a big house because I have 7 siblings.  Although I'm much younger than my siblings and most were out of the house by the time I really remember things, our house was still the gathering place for them and their kids.  Holidays were always big events with lots of people, laughter, and food.  As I got older I always had friends over.  My house was never a lonely place to be.  
Every time I hear the song it takes me back to that house and all the memories I have of it.  My parents moved after I graduated and I always regret that my children will never know what it was like to be there when it was crazy full.  I know it's the family that lives there, not the house that makes it a home, but that house will always be my home.  The following verse pretty much sums up my childhood home.  
"Our house it has a crowd
There's always something happening
And it's usually quite loud
Our mum she's so house-proud
Nothing ever slows her down
And a mess is not allowed"
Day 9 in 365 days of music challenge



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