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Another Song From a Top Five Favorite Band

The Walk

by Sawyer Brown


Time to show some more of my country roots.  Sawyer Brown is one of those bands that at first come off as just another generic country band, that is until you see them live.  I've seen them live several times, and their concerts are some of the most energetic fun shows I've ever seen.  They're almost always on tour, often playing smaller venues.  When it comes to seeing them live, the smaller the venue the better, in my opinion. 

They are more than just a great live band.  They're music can be fun with quick turns of phrase but it can also be insightful.  Take a listen to All These Years.  They song shows how easily a marriage can fall apart when a couple takes each other for granted.  It's a song that reminds me to always be thankful for what I have with my husband and to let him know often just how much he means to me.

For this prompt I chose The Walk because it's another song that shows the band's serious side.  The song resonates with me not only as a daughter who has been on that "walk" with my parents, but also as a parent on that "walk" with my children.  

As with most kids, I didn't always appreciate my parents advice when I was young, but the older I became the more I realized how valuable they were/are.  My dad is gone now and I miss his help and advice.  I'm lucky to have my mom close by and she often tells me she understands what I'm going through because she's been there before.  It's a comfort to know someone understands.  

Presently I'm feeling the parent role with my oldest.  With his last year of school starting today, I've been reminiscing on those first days of kindergarten.  He didn't shed a tear, just put his game face on and walked away.  I didn't cry that first day either, but I did the second.  I already tear up when I think of him leaving us next fall.  I'm sure he'll put on that same game face and do what he needs to, but I hope he'll always know that we're here for him, just as my parents were for me. 

Day 22 in 365 days of music challenge 


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