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Another Top 5 Favorite Song

You've Got Growing Up To Do by Joshua Radin

This is another one of those songs that tells such a wonderful story.  I played it often while writing Across the Hall.  I would love to say that this is the song that inspired Across the Hall but I didn't find it until many years after I started Across the Hall. The theme of the song lends itself well to Sylvia and Quinn's story.  I envisioned Quinn standing in the rain across from Sylvia's house wishing he could just go talk to her. He stands there shivering knowing he can't or they would end up back together and that Sylvia wasn't ready for it, but someday she would be and they would be together again. It makes it a song of loss and hope.  There should always be hope.


Day 8 in 365 days of music challenge

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