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Another Top 5 Favorite Song

Past the Point of Rescue by Hal Ketchum



This song haunts me.  It has been one of my absolute favorites for many years.  I hadn't heard the original by Mary Black until recently.  I didn't even know it wasn't written by Hal Ketchum.  I had always assumed it was because he has such a great way of telling stories with his music and Past the Point of Rescue fits right in with that.  I prefer Ketchum's version to Black's. The Celtic beat in Black's takes away from the heartbreak of the song.  I would love to hear a real slow acoustic cover of it. One even slower than the live version by Ketchum.  Someone needs to make this happen. 

I've put myself through the cruel cycle of breaking up and getting back together with someone, thinking that each time it would be better than it was before.  During the split, they're all you can think of, dwelling on every detail of the relationship, hoping they feel the same yet knowing they probably don't.  If there's the slightest possibility of repairing it and getting back together you jump at the chance, even when your better judgement tells you not to.  By then you're past the point of rescue and you know it.  When the cycle repeats you tell yourself "this time is it" whether it's going to work this time or it's finally over, it doesn't matter you wont go through it again.  But you do. 

Will someone please find me a slow cover of this song?!?

day 4 of 365 Days of Music Challenge 


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