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Bad News & Good News

As the title of the post says I have some bad news, or I guess more dissappointing news, and some good news.

Unfortunately Cure For Pain will not be out Nov. 5.  It will be out later in Nov.  We are making some changes to the story and the edits will push the release date back.

The good news is with the changes the story is even better and I'm excited to share the new and improved Cure For Pain with you all.

With the realease of Cure For Pain I will be doing a Q&A on Goodreads and will also be doing a blog tour.  Anyone interested to hosting and reviewing Cure For Pain for a blog please feel free to contact me at nmfacile@gmail.com.

Just want to remind everyone that the chance to win a copy of Cure For Pain is still open on Goodreads.  Enter here http://www.goodreads.com/book/show/16008097-cure-for-pain

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