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Favorite Cover Version of a Song

Power of Love by Huey Lewis 

Covered by Early November

I never really liked this song when I was young. The original by Huey Lewis never appealed to me. In my opinion, the original version is just a toss away bubbly gum pop song that fits great as the song in Back to the Future, but the music is just over powers the lyrics.  It's a quintessential 80's song; loud over the top drums and keyboard with passionless vocals.  Even when Huey Lewis shouts the lyrics it still feels forced or theatrical.

The first time I heard this cover I was blown away.  This is how this song was meant to be played.  The mellowness of the cover gives the lyrics a chance to shine, bringing a deeper meaning to the song.  I can connect to the cover in a way I never could with the original.  It comes across as heartfelt and and more sincere than the original ever did.  This cover made me see the song in a new light and it quickly became one of my favorite covers.  Quite a surprise since it was done for an 80's tribute album by punk bands.  


I love discovering cover songs that are way different than the original. Any suggestions for me?



Day 6 in 365 days of music challenge


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