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First Song I Ever Heard (That I Still Listen to Regularly)

Margaritaville by Jimmy Buffett



I can only guess that this is the first song I heard that I still listen to.  It's about as old as I am and my mom really likes it.  She use to play a record of it that I think I still have somewhere.  It's a song you can't escape, commercials, summer radio, cover bands, it's everywhere. 

I like the original version fine but there is an amazing cover by Dave Schulz.  I wish I had a link to a youtube video for it, but alas the closest I can get is the link to his website.  It's listed as Margaweirdaville.  This cover brings more of a Mariachi sound to it.  The slower pace and dramatic music really bring a lamentation to the song that you just don't get from the original, not to mention the almost wailing/moaning vocal half way in.  A bit of flare is added here and there in the song with a bit that sounds a little like the cantina music from Star Wars.  All in all it's a great cover and I highly recommend it.  

Day 27 in 365 days of music challenge 


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