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Happy Holidays

Here it is end of December and I haven’t updated this blog in months.  I’m sorry to all of you who stop by here and wonder where I’ve went or what I’m up to. I’ll share a little year in review 2013 edition.

Cure For Pain came out in December of last year and it’s been slowly gathering followers. There have been some great blogs and reviews for it that have been amazing boosts. Just a quick little list of some of them (if I’ve missed your’s I’m sorry, add the link in the comments and I’ll make sure to give you a shout out on it.)

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This summer we revealed the cover of Definition of Sin due out in 2014.


Creedence Mathews lived a sheltered life.  Growing up in a strong Biblical patriarchal home, she had little contact with the world outside of her family and church community.  After seeing her older sister shunned for choosing a life different from the family's expectations of women, Creedence vowed never to second guess the decisions her father made on her behalf.  Pure in thought and action, she believed she was on God’s path until Tommy Murphy stepped in her way.

In the small town of Quarry Springs, the Murphy name was synonymous with trouble.  Living with their grandmother in an old farmhouse on the edge of town, the Murphy brothers and sister were always in one scrape or another.  With his dark, devilish good looks and piercing, blue eyes, Tommy Murphy was the walking definition of sin.  When he finds Creedence crying on the bank of his favorite fishing hole, Tommy decides that this proverbial good girl needs a little fun in her life---and just maybe a little temptation will, in fact, deliver her from evil.





My progress on Definition of Sin has been slower than I had planned. Not because of writer’s block or external factors, but because I’ve grown so attached to the Murphy family that one book has now turned into six books. One for each of the five Murphy siblings and their grandmother’s story as well. I keep going back and fleshing out more of the family as I not only introduce them in Definition of Sin, but also set up their upcoming stories.  It’s been an exciting process bringing to life all the possibilities for them and I can’t wait until I can share them all with you.  I wish I had a connection from my brain to my laptop so my thoughts would immediately transfer to it.  Writing would go so much faster.

I’ve also been doing the occasional post for That's Normal too. It’s a wonderful site where you can indulge in all your quirky obsessions and feel totally normal about them. So far I’ve only done a few recaps of Once Upon A Time In Wonderland and co-blog the Guys We Google posts with my great friend Pix. I hope to contribute more to the site in 2014.

My personal life took a new turn this year as I started working part time in the box office at a local movie theater. I love a job where I can both read and write during my downtime, plus I get to meet many interesting people daily, often providing some new inspiration or idea to tuck away for future use.

This year also brought the chaos of having three kids in three different schools.  Our oldest is a junior in high school.  We’ve started the college search and scholarship essays.  Fortunately he’s a driven student and has known that he’s wanted to be a sports broadcaster since he was four.  It helps narrow down the search. On the other side of it, each day is a reminder that he is one day closer to leaving home and I’m cherishing all the time I have with him here.

Our middle son started middle school. We’re finding that with all advanced classes there is always some big project due. I marvel at how easily he balances his schedule and handles the deadlines with a focus and dedication that I only wish I had at his age. Both him and his sister share a love a music and our house is often filled with the sounds of him on viola, percussion, or piano with his sister joining in on violin or piano. Both have the musical talent from my husband’s side.  I can’t carry a tune or keep a beat but I can appreciate the effort they put in and talent they have.

Our daughter turned double digits this year.  She is opinionated, brilliant, beautiful, and wonderfully geeky.  Normally a quiet student, this year she found her voice and was elected as her class representative for student government.  We spent summer break together sewing Barbie dresses as we watched the entire series of Buffy the Vampire Slayer with breaks for My Little Pony and Batman (both movies and cartoons).  She’s also the best DM (Dungeon Master) because she thinks every great Dungeon and Dragons campaign needs a dance party.

All in all it’s been another wonderful year with many things to be thankful for including all of you who support me in my writing efforts; my family giving me my time and space to work, my friends who are my sounding board, Michelle Halket, my publisher extraordinaire, and you, my readers.  Thank you all for the reviews and recommendations and sticking with me.  I promise you more to come in 2014. Happy Holidays to all and I wish you all the best in the new year to come.

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