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Love Unspoken

While writing Across the Hall, I fell in love with all my other characters beyond Sylvia and Quinn, but none more than Sloane.  My thoughts kept going back to him.  He was this strong silent man to whom the entire group looked for counsel.  The relationship between him and Kai was one of mystical orgins.  I look back now and wished I had saved them for their own story.  Unfortunately, I've revealed their entire story in Across the Hall.  The only detail that I left to them was Sloane's proposal.

I've written Love Unspoken to give us all a better glimpse at the very special relationship he has with Kai. The only fitting way to see Sloane is through Kai's eyes.  I truely believe that this little tale shows a love so deep and passionate that there really are no words for it. 

Read it here - Love Unspoken

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