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Most Australian-Sounding Song I Like

Overkill by Colin Hay


It counts that Colin Hay was in Men At Work, even if he was born in Scotland, right?  Men At Work are probably the only Australian band most Americans can name, or at least most Americans I know.  I was pretty young when it was new, but I was old enough to be aware of it.  By having older siblings I was introduced to pop music early in life.  I was more familiar with Who Can It Be Now, because one of my older brothers would sing it.  

Over the course of my life I probably heard Overkill more.  I think it's more "light" radio friendly.  It wasn't until I heard Hay's acoustic version on Scrubs that I took an interest in the song.  I think slowing it down and taking out everything but the guitar lends a sincerity to the music that matches the lyrics.  

The song speaks to me, because I tend to over think things and worry about them, mostly at night when I should be sleeping.  It's one of the leading causes of my insomnia.  There are just times I can't shut my brain off.  It doesn't matter that I know I'm over stressing, I still can't make it stop.  Hay sums it up perfectly.  
"Especially at night
I worry over situation that
I know will be alright
It's just overkill"

Day 21 in 365 days of music challenge


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