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My Favorite Female Vocal Performance

Vogue by Madonna 

from the Blond Ambition Tour 
In high school I LOVED Madonna. When HBO aired a show off the Blond Ambition Tour I recorded it on a VHS tape.  I played that tape so many times, I'm surprised it didn't break.  I still have it somewhere in a box.  It's the only non-home movie I kept on VHS.  I had every word she said, every dance move she made, memorized and Vogue was my absolute favorite.  I even lip-synced it while preforming the entire dance for a 'no talent show' at a summer camp.  To this day, every time I hear Vogue I mentally start doing the routine.  I have yet to see a female performance that out shines that performance of Vogue, and that includes any of Madonna's subsequent tours.  

Day 31 in 365 days of music challenge



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