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My Favorite Music Video

Chandelier by Sia




I haven't paid attention to music videos in probably twenty years.  Growing up our cable company didn't carry MTV so the only exposure I had to videos was Night Tracks on TBS.  That just totally dated me.  Videos have never really been an influence on music for me, that is until I saw the video for Chandelier.
My daughter alerted me to it because she knows I love to watch any kind of dancing.  She was right, I loved the video.  I've watched it several times since then.  Yes, I'm aware it's Maddie from Dance Mom's, but that's not why I like it, even though I think she's a phenomenal dancer.  The stark, minimalist setting spotlights the dancer wonderfully. I envy the freedom of dancing through the house like the girl in the video has.  I vicariously live that feeling when I watch the video and it's so liberating.

day 18 in 365 days of music challenge


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