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My Favorite Song with a Color in the Title


Little Green Bag by George Baker Selection

I have no reason for picking this other than it just makes me want to dance!

I have to say though I love that this song makes me feel better about all the times I mishear a lyric.  The original title is Little Greenback not Little Green Bag.  Listen close enough and you can hear the lyricis as "little greenback." Makes sense now how track rhymes so much better with back than bag.  Turns out the song was about chasing the American dollar not a bag of weed.  Same message either way: the unending quest for drugs or money can leave you lonely.
The mistake was made when the record for the single was mislabeled as Little Green Bag.  Instead of just printing out new labels they went with that title.  Was it really a mistake or was the mislabel just a Freudian slip? Does it really matter?  Just play it loud, sing whatever lyrics you want and dance like no ones watching. 

day 3 of 365 days of music challenge



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