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Oldest Song I Love

Pachelbel's Canon in D 

by Johan Pachelbel (1694)


This is my favorite classical piece. To me it is the sound of life. The first few measures of simple, slow notes are like those of first few months of life. When needs are simple and basic. As the song carries on it becomes more intricate and involved, just as life brings with it more and more complexity. The piano carries throughout with versions of the same notes as the beginning, sometimes complicated, sometimes simple. The same is true with our own lives. At times we may have more difficulty with varying highs and lows. Other times it's smooth and easy. The accompanying melody are those who come into our lives. Everyone adding something different. Some a serene harmony, others a sharpness or a staccato like abruptness. No matter what it is, it flows together to create a composition like no other. As the music transitions back to the lone piano, so do our lives transition back to us alone slowing down until the last note plays.

Day 25 in 365 days of music challenge



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