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Reading Quirks

The other night my daughter picked out a new book at the library. She was going to read to me for her manditory nightly reading time. When she sat down to read it she opened it to the middle of the book and read a paragraph then stopped.  She looked up at me and said "When I start a new book I like to open to a random page and read the last paragraph on the page.  It's even better if it ends in the middle of a sentance.  It makes me wonder what's going on and what's happened to get to that part.  It makes me want to read it all the more."

I thought that was interesting and remembered a friend once telling me that she always reads the last page of a book first for similar reasons.  I've heard of others who read the last page first so if something happens and they don't finish the book they know how it ends.  

To me that's part of the mystry or the journy of the book.  I don't want to know how it ends.  If I lose my page I don't read more than I have to to figure out where I left off.  I'm just not a spoiler person.  I like to try to guess how events will unfold or how it will end.  

I do have a reading quirk though.  I don't like to see pictures of the characters on the cover of a book.  I like to picture them  in my own mind from the descriptions given by the author.  

So what are some other reading quirks do either you or someone you know have?

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