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Something I Hope to Never Have to Write About Again

I haven't written a post in a long while, but after reading this article I feel compelled to speak up.  This is a post from my personal Facebook page that I'm sharing here. 

This is NOT a headline I want to read when I log on to see my son's weekly sports package: http://www.nonpareilonline.com/…/article_e225b278-79a3-11e5…

Three men were arrested after an altercation at Iowa Western Community College Thursday afternoon.

I know many of you will stop reading this about now, but I would like to point out that this happened in a school where MY SON is, not some distant place. It's becoming more and more common every day and it will begin to affect us all more and more. 
Many of my family and friends support the right to carry firearms and are vocal about it. Personally I have a much different view on it and I try to avoid those topics and not get into arguments over it because I know that I'm not going to change their minds, but really what is it going to take to make you see there is a problem and it needs to be addressed? 
Many of you have never had to read an article like this or get a text from the school district saying there was a shooting like we did with Harrisburg recently and worry about where your children are and if they are safe. You don't know the fear that goes though a parent when they read a text or an article about a shooting or a gun being pulled where their child is. How the cold seizes you when you realize that your child isn't in as safe an environment as you thought. I know that my children's safety at all times is not guaranteed, but as a parent I shouldn't have to worry that a gun could be pulled on my child while they are in a supposedly safe place.
I know the security in the dorms at IWCC. They are well guarded and there are many safeguards in place to ensure that things like this shouldn't happen. Yet it did. There has to be a way to change this. 
Now I realize I live in a state with a huge hunting industry and I'm not suggesting that all guns need to be taken away, just that policies need to be enacted to make it harder to get guns, and to make sure that the guns that are out there are in responsible hands and used only when absolutely needed. There is much talk of stricter background checks and mental health evaluations, but there are so many other ways that guns are sold that get through these loopholes. Those are the areas we need to concentrate on. Plus a strict background check isn't going to teach responsibility when using a firearm. It takes more time and training to get a license to drive a car than it does to buy and carry a gun in many places, not to mention the insurance we are expected to have when we own a car. I believe gun owners should have to be insured too. The babysitting class I want to sign my daughter up for is longer and more involved than a voluntary gun safety class I looked up in Sioux Falls. When babysitting classes are more rigorous than gun safety classes that should tell you something. (That is if they choose to enroll in a gun safety class which is not required in all states.)
I know that this post won't change the minds of you who are staunch gun rights supporters. But to those of us who have stayed silent in the past, we need to speak up and use our right to vote for candidates that will help bring about those changes. When enough of us speak up and stand together, changes will happen. Until we do, things like this are going to continue to happen. As we've seen in the past, not all turn out like this with no one injured and it may not scare you, but it terrifies me that next time it maybe my child on the wrong end of a gun. For those of you who disagree, I hope you never have to read an article like this and worry about your children.

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