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Song By the Last Band I Saw Play Live

Vogue by Madonna on MDNA Tour


This isn't entirely true.  The last band I saw play live was my son's middle school band, but no one wants to listen to a middle school band performance.  

The most wonderful sister-in-law in the world took me to Madonna's MDNA tour in Minneapolis for my birthday a couple years ago.  Seeing Madonna live has been one of those life long dreams for me.  It was every bit as awesome as I thought it would be.  I'd complain about the long wait for her to take the stage, but the show was so energetic and intense that it made up for it.  

I know I chose Vogue for one of my earlier posts, but this was the only video from the Minneapolis stop on the tour and I really wanted to post something from the show I was at.
Day 36 in 365 days of music challenge


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