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Song I Always Listen To At Least Twice In A Row


You probably noticed I don't have a song linked above.  Great observational skills you have there.  I couldn't pick a song I always listen to twice in a row because I pretty much listen to everything twice in a row, sometimes even more than that.  

When I write, I often use music as my muse and there are some songs that speak to me when I'm working on a chapter.  Often I have these songs on loop as I write.  It helps me set the tone, or find the voice I'm looking for when it comes to a particular section.  It also provides great background noise to help keep me focused on the scene at hand.  

The other time I listen to a song twice in a row are when it's something new and it's caught my attention.  Currently that song would be Mary Lambert's Secrets .  I'm not listing that as my song that I always listen to twice because after a week or so I probably wont listen to it all that often and I'll be on to something new.

Day 35 in 365 days of music challenge


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