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Song I Like From a Musical or Children's Movie

Kiss the Girl 

from the Little Mermaid


I don't care what people say about this song, I do not think it encourages rape culture.  I've seen this song listed several times as parts of children's shows that encourage rape culture.  In the context of the movie he has to kiss her for her to get her voice back, and her legs.  That was the deal ARIEL made not Eric.  Anyone who has watched the movie should know this.  If anything, she was the one who sets it up so he has to kiss her. 

As fo the song.  I think it's a sweet song about a boy being too shy to make the first move even though she is clearly giving him signals to do so. It brings back memories of first kisses, those awkward moments when you're both holding your breath, with your heart racing, unsure if you should make a move, hoping the other person does.  It's a transcendental moment that has no need for words.  



Day 24 in 365 days of music challenge


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