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ISBN Trade Paperback: 978-1-926760-75-9
ISBN ebook: 978-1-926760-88-9
FICTION | Romance Contemporary
325 pages
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Cover    Cure for Pain

NM Facile

Ty Jaden isn't what society needs. At twenty-six, he's a charismatic and intense heroin dealer turned user who landed himself in jail. Now he's out, clean and just wants to get away from the city that is still his prison. But it won't happen when powerful men have a vested interest in making sure he continues his trade. So, now he has a plan: keep his head low, do what is expected of him, ignore all distractions and wait for his opportunity to finally get away. What he doesn’t need is to get involved.

Mary Flynn is a doe-eyed small town woman trying to make the world a better place by volunteering at a Minneapolis Safe Works chapter and teaching at-risk youth. Mary, an angel with inner fire and intimidating intelligence, is trying to save the world from people like Ty. He didn’t want to drag her into his world, but like a moth to flame, she was drawn to him.

Like an angel, she might just be his redemption

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ISBN ebook: 978-1-926760-47-6                            
 FICTION | Romance Contemporary
List Price: $4.99
Published: October 20, 2010

Across the Hall                        Across The Hall
                    NM Facile

Sylvia O’Mara has spent the last four years trying to get over her high school sweetheart, who after breaking off their relationship left town without any reasons. With the help of her friends she has moved on and started dating a mysterious bad boy. She isn't happy, but she's content; until she meets the new neighbor.

Quinn Lobato has recently moved to Minneapolis to finish college close to his parents. His mother found the perfect apartment for him close to campus and assured him it has everything he needs. Quinn has had his own hurtful past and is looking forward to starting med school and a new life.

Little do they know that what they each need is waiting just across the hall.



Love Unspoken - An intimate little addition to Across the Hall revealing the true details of Slaone's proposal to Kai.


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